Thursday, 9 June 2011

Why Internet Marketing?

enLocal Marketing

enLocal brings powerful, affordable online marketing results to your local business.
Our internet marketing experts are 100% focused on bringing paying customers and clients to your business through local search results. Why enLocal?
  • We take the mystery out of internet marketing, so you can focus on your business
  • We do the technical work for you, so you don’t have to
  • We offer a no risk guarantee, 100% money back guarantee on our services
  • Your business will be on page #1 of Google, for your category, in 30 days or less
  • We charge an affordable annual fee for new and established businesses
Now is prime time for you to take advantage of the huge opportunities offered online for your business growth and profits. Top spots on page one of Google are very limited.  You’ll want to secure yours before your competition does in your local market.
Our job is to work together to help you take advantage of that opportunity. We do the technical heavy lifting.  You simply take care of the nearly immediate flow of new customers generated through enLocal services.
Dominate your local market!  Get more customers and increase sales today!  Now is the time to take advantage of the amazing opportunites available through local internet marketing.  Contact us today and we will show you how to lead your field!
Local Business Marketing Success!
Small business owners are literally jumping for joy about enLocal Business Marketing Services.  This local business marketing service uses the power of Google to  bring a “big business” opportunity to your local small business – and, at a one time affordable fee.  But first, on a scale of 1 to 10, ask yourself how important these three questions are to you:
1. How important is it for you to get more customers to your business?
2. How important is it for you to save money?
3. How important is it for you to beat your competition?
If one or more of these rated high on your scale, you’ll want to know more about enLocal.  Our guarantee is no risk, with 100% money back if we don’t put your business on page #1 of Google within 30 days or less.  Yes.  That’s right.  Page #1!  Most businesses, large and small, never make that ranking!  And, if they do, it’s usually with years and/or thousands and thousands of dollars invested.  But, the power of Internet Marketing is finally available to local business owners like you.  And, at a price you just can’t beat.
If you act sooner than later, you can take advantage of the huge opportunities offered online with enLocal.  Our job is to work with small business owners to help them dominate their local markets.  And, to help you to take advantage of this powerful opportunity.  However, we limit how many businesses we will assist in any given area and business category to protect our client’s results.  So call or email today for more information about availability in your area.
enLocal is appropriate for all types of businesses from new to established.  However, for the new business owner, who isn’t yet in front of any of their target market – enLocal is even more beneficial.  Why?  Because a one page immediate website, along with page #1 ranking on Google is part of the guaranteed service.
enLocal’s one time fee provides page #1 listing on Google within 30 days, or less; a complete one page website with Google in addition to any site you may already have; maintenance of that website and listing with Google; statistical tracking reports that tell you vital information about where your new traffic is coming from and how people are finding you (their keyword search terms), and more.
Dominate your local market! Get more customers and increase revenue by finding out more about this marketing “pearl” today. Take advantage of the amazing opportunities available – and, especially for smaller, independently owned businesses.  It’s one of the best offers in years!

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