Thursday, 9 June 2011

Action Plans to Go Green with Your Business

Green BUsinessThe call to protect and preserve the environment has become much louder today than ever before due to scientific evidence presented related to global warming. Individuals and organizations have started campaigns to protect Mother Nature through lifestyle changes and making earth-friendly strategies.
In a business standpoint, going green is something that is both challenging and heartwarming. A good entrepreneur would take advantage of the situation and provide services and products that help promote environmental protection. The proliferation of organic food and products is just one manifestation of this growing trend. However, putting up a new green business is not the only way to go green. There are other things you can do with your current business while helping the cause of saving the environment.
1. Recycle
This sounds cliché but in a business, recycling not only helps the environment, but it also helps on cutting down expenses. Take a look at what your company currently consumes, and find ways to recycle, reduce, and reuse. You might be surprised of the things you might have saved along the way.
Recycle paper and start using less-toxic office supplies and materials. As much as possible, use recycled-paper products and school supplies. The same goes for computer ink cartridges. Refill them instead of throwing them away.
However, if there are things that are way beyond your recycling prowess, it might be great to donate them to a non-profit organization for a worth cause.
2. Conserve energy
The best way to cut down on costs would be energy conservation. It’s good for the environment and for your business as well. If you are going to build a new office or building, consider installing solar panels to provide heat and hot water. And if the US State you are in provides incentives to firms that promote energy conservation, it would be all the more beneficial to your business.
3. Use alternative transportation
Consider going hybrid when planning to buy your next company car. The fact that more hybrid car models are entering is already an incentive itself. Some of the benefits of using hybrid cars include:
  • Reducing wasted energy during idle/low output
  • Recapturing waste energy
  • Reducing the size and power of the internal combustion engine
4. Innovate
Current company practices may be modified in such a way that earth-friendly strategies are placed. Business processes that usually produce a lot of waste might be checked and examined to improve efficiency.
Going green can be done by any business in all types of industry. What matters is the passion to really give our contribution to save the planet because people who have that kind of passion naturally have an incredible imagination to rebuild the value chain and inspire their clients in the process.

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