Saturday, 11 June 2011

Development of EMS/NMS Systems and Modules

Development of products and solutions for vendors of tele and data communication equipment.
Equipment vendors need to provide solutions for configuration, control and supervision of their equipment. Telecom vendors usually develop their own systems in order to get the best possible integration with their own equipment and to support all the specialized functionality in their equipment.
There is an increasing trend among telecom equipment vendors to outsource parts of or even the entire development work to independent SW development companies.
InTeliNet's employees have many years of experience from development of management systems, and can contribute in all the different phases of a development project; from market analysis and requirement analysis, to implementation, testing and commercialization of the product.
The figure below shows how ITU have structured OSS management functions into layers.
Network Management Hierarchy.jpg
  • Business Management: Management of the business related functions for network services, i.e. budgets, costs, resources, planning and agreements.
  • Service Management: Management of services delivered to customers. Provisioning and supervision of services, i.e. leased lines and data storage. The services are usually monitored and compared against Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Network Management System (NMS): Control and supervision of networks, where the network consists of different types of connected network elements.
  • Element Management System (EMS): Control and supervision of a set of individual network elements, usually provided by the same vendor.
  • Network Element Management: Configuration and control of individual network elements. Often implemented as an embedded WEB-, or telnet-server in the network element, or a PC based configuration application.

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